Sunday 30 August 2015


Another something new this year. We are sharing the space with some fellow artists who are going to use space and time to create. Some projects will be presented as works-in-progress during the festival, others will be for future presentation.

Aaaaaaand, here they are!

Artists: Zach Faye and Trevor Poole
Project: Have Fun with your Art
Having fun with their art", Zach and Trevor explore playing different characters, staged in a performance/art/theatre setting which allows them to express themselves without feeling required to be understood. A Clown goes to the urinal and tells Zach a secret. Fine.  Zach meets Trevor and they talk about different characters that appear in their mind such as a Musician, Journalist, Doctor, Madwoman, and Gandhi.  Why not? There is a giant carrot, and  a chicken that is willing to die. I think so. A urinal is simply an actor playing the role of a urinal. Thank you. A Yogi knows what everyone is thinking because everyone is a tape-recorder. Hmmm. A protest happens between a performer and the audience and blood is shed. As you like.

 Trevor Poole is a Halifax native who enjoys creating magic and performance art for the theatre; he has performed multiple runs of a extended sold out show and received reviews in The Chronicle Herald, and The Coast, and he is working on fresh material for a near-future release (stay tuned); he comes from a background in graphic design and art, and has found another kind of creative family having been invited to design posters and programs for a theatre festival audience for the DaPoPo Theatre. He is actively writing and creating performance art with his friend Zach Faye, and they will be artists in residence for the 2015 DaPoPo Live-In.

Zach Faye's artistic upbringing has been in theatre, as a performer and theatre-maker. He has been a member of Halifax's DaPoPo Theatre since 2010 (currently taking an unofficial paternity leave from the company) and has worked with numerous other theatre companies in Nova Scotia. Zach has been gravitating towards the visual arts lately, and has been experimenting with photography. You can find his photographic work at the Art Zone Gallery on Barrington St.  During the Live-in this year Zach will be working on a series of portraits, as well as continuing work on a performance collaboration with Trevor Poole.

Artist: Steph Berntson
Project: DOCTOR POTATO CHIPS -> Protest Song For Children
A collection of stories will become a live music show with secret (and not-so-secret) audience input.
Anonymous audience participation! Secret ballots! Mad libs! Four sessions! Four weeks! One project! Live-in live scrivening! AUDIENCES WELCOME
Four tasty workshops:
1. Drafting character - Oct 9, 2 - 5 pm
2. Drafting lyric + poetics - Oct 11, 2 - 5 pm
3. Drafting music - Oct 18, 2- 5 pm
4. Assembling the pieces - Oct 28, 8 pm
More here: Performances
Steph Berntson (Stephbot Bebop) makes live art. Most recently: original texts DOCTOR POTATO CHIPS (Lab Cab Festival) w/ collaborator Devin Shael Fox and addicts|prophets|titans|spooks (DANGERLOVE reading series); conceptual artmaking for the public space project #MARACLE (Ontario Arts Council/Mammalian); and performing/noisemaking in "kväll" (Anders Hillborg – Walter Hall Electroacoustic Festival). Steph was a co-creator of the inaugural DaPoPo project in 2004 and returned in 2006. She is currently writing about cultural cyborgs. Find her at: and

Artists: Garry Williams and Kristi Anderson
Project: The FEAR Project or So...What About Fear?
Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams will be exploring personal and cultural fears from June bugs, clowns, and terrorism to gentrification, anal sex, and the utter meaninglessness of existence. Over a three-week creation process, they will uncover material, write original songs and music and put it all together in workshop with Guillermo Verdecchia during the days leading to a public presentation of the work-in-progress. The creation of this piece is supported by Arts Nova Scotia.  


Kristi Anderson has been a core member of DaPoPo Theatre since 2009.  She is a professional theatre artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia where she works as an actor, singer, coordinator and private voice teacher. Selected theatre credits include The Roaring Girl (Vile Passeist Theatre); Café DaPoPo, The Drinking Game, A Very Cratchit Christmas, The Halifax Hearings, Julius Caesar, RUR (DaPoPo Theatre); Out of Lunenburg (Glen Haven Productions); Munscha Meeyah (Festival Antigonish); ; Into The Woods (Saints Alive! Theatre); The Devil’s Disciple (Neptune); The Greeks, The Boyfriend, Victoria Symphony: The Music of Broadway (CCPA); The Tempest (PITP); The Mikado (G & S Society of Nova Scotia), Fiddler on the Roof, Annie Get Your Gun (Garnet and Gold). Kristi is a graduate of The Canadian College of Performing Arts and has a Bachelor of Music in Voice from Mount Allison University. She is a co-creator and performer of A Little Cabaret, with Garry Williams and Zach Faye.
Garry Williams has been DaPoPo's Artistic Director since its inception in 2004. A Merritt nominated actor and composer, he has collaborated with a multitude of artists & companies in Europe, the USA and across Canada. Recent theatrical forays have included Two Planks' production of Miracle Man/Dustbowl Joan, Kim Parkhill's A Good Death, LunaSea's Ibsen's Bites, Opening Night at Festival Antigonish, and One Light's Chess With the Doomesday Machine. Last year his play Jesus Is A Faggot played at the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival. He plays the piano with some skill, believes in the value of artistic creation in the community, and knows far too many show tunes.

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