Monday 31 August 2015

LIFE (Live-In Festival Eats)

Risky's Pop-up Café & Resto

Enjoy your Live-in Festival events this year with some locally-sourced and consciously made fine eats catered by Quincy Russell. Café open before events most days for coffee, tea and snacks. Pop-up restaurant-style dinner seatings will be scheduled throughout the month. Reservations required.

Pricing by suggested donation. Cash only.

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Risky's Pop-Up Proprietor: Quincy Russell

Quincy is a Halifax-based artist, who, often meagerly supports his artist life-style by cooking. A long-time theatre enthusiast, relatively recent performer, long-time shape shifter, exploring the world of things to do, for whom, cooking has been his most consistent occupation, Quincy is at home when in the kitchen. Enjoying the creativity, and chemistry of cooking and consuming food, his experience cooking has seen him cooking full restaurant fare from a truck, farm-fresh inspired entrees for hundred with volunteers, and hosting 50 seat pop-up restaurant sittings from home, He is excited to merge his experience, and inner Italian Nona's Instincts to feed friends, and his new found ambition for learning and sharing in performance for this years Live-In Festival.

Risky's Compassionate & Creative Co-Chef: Courtney Harris

COURTNEY HARRIS is a baker, shadow puppeteer, stage manager, singer, props builder and collaborator, originally from the Annapolis Valley, NS. She has been based in Halifax since graduating from Acadia University’s Theatre program in 2012. Courtney is a co-founder of Second Sight Collective, who just presented their premiere piece, "Shadows of Bluenose Ghosts," an exploration of Nova Scotian folklore through traditional music, shadow puppetry/analog projection and movement, and also included her favourite tradition of baking and breaking bread. Courtney especially loves growing food, preserving and fermenting, making chocolates, and herbalism. She has been making baked goods on commission for five+ years as Coco Confectionary.

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