Tuesday 1 September 2015

Go Further to the Left at the Live-In

From October 1 through 31, 2015, DaPoPo Theatre invites the community to gather in an intimate setting for performances, play readings and discussions, skill-share workshops, special events and social times. We value the gathering of artists and audiences in the discovery, experience and creation of theatre and look forward to sharing this festival again with you. 

Further to the Left Manifesto:

We are not Marxists. We are theatre artists who believe that social equality is a good thing. Do we oppose social hierarchies and inequalities? Yes. At least insofar as we believe in creating opportunities for the disadvantaged, the under-waged, and the oppressed. 

DaPoPo believes in cooperation, and mutual respect between art-makers, art-takers, rule-breakers, and foundation-shakers. 

We have organized the Live-In Festival with a sense of community skill-sharing. We embrace the grassroots model of natural and spontaneous community art. We run this Festival without government or big business funding. We rely on the generosity and support of our participants, volunteers, donors, and other community supporters. 

We believe in the power of the people, and the healing potential of shared culture and, well, a live-in festival. 

We invite you to be part of the fun, the work, the play, and help us make this month inclusive, exciting, educational, and whatever else you want it to be. 

Check out our  line-up of events by clicking on one of the following:
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Also, find out what our super-duper Artists-in-Residence will be up to.

The festival this year is coordinated by Garry Williams with Kristi Anderson and Kim Parkhill. DaPoPo welcomes apprentice Christine Rankin and thanks Trevor Poole for his design contributions.

Williams, with beard
 GARRY WILLIAMS is DaPoPo's Artistic Director. He is the overall coordinator of DaPoPo's Live-In Festival 2015. This year, he will be workshopping a musical about gays in the holocaust, KAMP, with Jamie Bradley, and collaborating with Kristi Anderson & Guillermo Verdecchia on DaPoPo's FEAR Project.

Anderson, in fire light
KRISTI ANDERSON is a long standing member of DaPoPo Theatre. This year's Live-In finds her singing, writing, coordinating, compiling - basically doing what she does best: a little bit of everything. Kristi is busy practising for HITS! or Halifax Indie Theatre Sings and Steph Berntson's Protest Song for Children. 

Parkhill, in mirror
KIM PARKHILL is a long-time core artist of DaPoPo. For this, her seventh Live-in Festival, she's blog-wrestling, spread-sheeting, communicating, number-counting and generally supporting coordination. She looks forward to greeting everyone at the terrific events (all while working on her newest playscript and dreaming of a future creation which may involve many people sitting).
Rankin, with shells

CHRISTINE RANKIN is entering her fourth year of a Combined Honours degree in Theatre Studies & Creative Writing with a Minor in Italian Studies at Dalhousie University. Having grown up as a competitive figure skater, Christine developed a strong love for performance and movement. At university, she has worked on a variety of Dalhousie Theatre Society productions such as pantomimes, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, and Rent: The Musical. Christine is currently working as DTS's 2015-2016 President, as a co-director for Little Women: The Musical, and as the choreographer for Red Riding Hood: The Pantomime. She is extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity of a FSPA apprenticeship at DaPoPo Theatre, and cannot wait to delve into the theatre world through experiential learning and explore the creative process involved in playwriting and directing.
Rusell, with jazz hands

QUINCY RUSSELL is a Halifax-based artist, who, often meagrely supports his artist life-style by cooking. A long-time theatre enthusiast, relatively recent performer, long-time shape shifter, exploring the world of things to do, for whom, cooking has been his most consistent occupation, Quincy is at home when in the kitchen. Enjoying the creativity, and chemistry of cooking and consuming food, his experience cooking has seen him cooking full restaurant fare from a truck, farm-fresh inspired entrees for hundred with volunteers, and hosting 50 seat pop-up restaurant sittings from home, He is excited to merge his experience, and inner Italian Nona's Instincts to feed friends, and his new found ambition for learning and sharing in performance for this years Live-In Festival.

Poole, with kitchen
TREVOR POOLE is a Halifax native who enjoys creating magic and performance art for the theatre  He comes from a background in graphic design and art, and has found another kind of creative family having been invited to design posters and programs for a theatre festival audience for  DaPoPo Theatre. His new play The Line of the Heart will be part of the Late Night Series and he will be one of the Festival's Artists-in-Residence as well.

Pettipas, with longer hair
ASHLEY PETTIPAS graduated this spring from St. Francis Xavier University with first class honours in marketing. She has been involved in her high school plays both on stage and behind the scenes and spent the past two summers with Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre doing public relations and photography. She also volunteers for Theatre Antigonish during the winter season as often as she can – any excuse to spend more time hiding in the wings of the cozy Bauer Theatre. She is a newcomer to DaPoPo and hopes to help spread the word at Live-In this year as she fills the role of Public Relations Coordinator!

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  1. I happened to be lucky that my friend couldn't find a date for an event so he generously took me with him, which happened to be one of the best experience for me in recent times. I was lucky enough to see this place. If you get a chance to check this event space nyc out please do so.